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## Motivation
I, as a openQA operator =D want to submit changes to the job group yaml and get them automatically deployed to osd.
This also includes part, that yaml should be validated before the deployment and api call result should be validated too.

## Suggestions
Here we store our yaml

## Acceptance criteria
1. YAML is validated in PR
2. Return code of api call is processed and reports errors

API description:

This is the api we should use:

POST job_templates_schedulingidnum Updates a job group according to the given YAML template. Test suites are added or modified as needed to reflect the difference to what's specified in the template. The given YAML will be validated and results in an error if it doesn't conform to the schema. Returns a 400 code on error, or a 303 code and the job template id within a JSON block on success.

Job Group id of YaST job group is '129'.