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Updated by okurz over 7 years ago

## observation dasdfmt seems to be done but the wait_serial exited, maybe it was taking unusually long? 

 ## steps to reproduce 

 ## problem 
 happened during the last week sporadically 
 H1. worker/s390-host specific 
 H2. can happen everywhere 
 H3. our recent changes in bootloader_s390 introduced some behaviour change 
 H4. serial output gets lost 
 H4.1. output to serial gets lost randomly 
 H4.2. long timeouts cause serial output loss 

 ## suggestion 
 * <del>check check logfiles, e.g. for exact timing sequence</del> -> wait_serial times out after 20 minutes in both occassions. from video we can see that the actual formatting process was finished already in before sequence 
 * reproduce 

 ## workaround 
 sporadic, restart