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Updated by tjyrinki_suse over 4 years ago

Use case: 

 To be able to test tests in production ( or before merging the needles and tests themselves, since results have proven to vary on those loaded machines compared to local openQA instance or VM. 

 It is currently working if there are no new needles involved, but this issue describes the problem with custom needles which would be theoretically supported by openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec but not working in practice. 

 Problem description: 

 First of all, documentation [1] says "Path to needles subdirectory to use, defaults to "needles" within PRODUCTDIR. Can be a git repository URL, comparable to CASEDIR", and CASEDIR states "for example". 



     openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec --apikey=XXX --apisecret=XXX 

 results in: 

     Could not create directory '/var/lib/empty/.ssh'. 
     Host key verification failed. 
     fatal: Could not read from remote repository.     

 Using https instead (NEEDLES_DIR= gets one further, but openQA complains about wrong needles location: 

     init needles from /var/lib/openqa/pool/15/os-autoinst-needles-opensuse 
     Needle /var/lib/openqa/pool/15/os-autoinst-needles-opensuse/ssh-login-ok-20160813.json is not under project directory /var/lib/openqa/cache/xxx at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 63. 

 Oliver Kurz suggested playing around with the PRODUCTDIR PRODUCTSDIR to try to workaround the forbidding use of (correctly checked out) needles dir which I did but it didn't get any better with trying to set that to eg pool/... directories, pool directory, which also changes on every run.