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Updated by JRivrain almost 5 years ago


 Currently, all the raid tests are working this way: 

 - create some partitions on disk 1 
 - create the same exact set of partitions on the next disk. 
 - iterate the same exact operation for all the disks. 

 However, on both sle 12 and 15, there is possiblity to clone partitions: 
 ![sle12]( ![sle15]( 

 Using this would drastically reduce the execution time of test modules, and makes more sense, the real users are more about to proceed this way. 

 Acceptance criteria 

 - Modify There is also the existing test modules possibility to use "clone this disk/partition" 

 ### Additional info: 

 Another way is covered by another ticket : 
 We can choose first "raid" > "add raid", choose some disks and then apply partitions to all of them at once. But this way seems to be unrelibale at the moment, and yet the [documented way]( uses the first method. 

 This could be covered later in another ticket. 

 Acceptance criteria 

 - Modify the existing test modules to use "clone this disk/partition"