action #20206

Updated by riafarov almost 2 years ago

WAS: please remove yast2_cmdline from the 42.3 test plan. It fails failes all the time and doesn't seem to serve a useful purpose.

## Motivation
We would like to run yast command line tests (see against packages.
Test module was abandoned for a while, but this part is not covered anywhere at the moment.

## Acceptance criteria
1. yast2_cmdline test module is working or failing on a valid bug
2. yast2_cmdline test module is executed in job group which is reviewed (not development job groups)

## Suggestions
1. Learn how to run tests and adjust code
2. For openSUSE it's tricky as we don't sync source repo, but still can get tests from official source repo, elaborate with riafarov or okurz
3. Adjust schedule to run test module as a part of extra tests in textmode or as a separate test suite


Adding extra source package to be synced should be added here: