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Yast2 dump module test proposal:
That module is a front-end for [mkdump]( It does this:

mkdump --list-dasd
mkdump --list-zfcp
mkdump [--force] /dev/[device]

Te mkdump modules automatically lists DASD or ZFCP device that can be used as dump device. Such device should be of ECKD type (mkdump [does not work with FBA](, this can be subject to a soft failure) it must have exclusive access and have VM's RAM+ 10MB of free space.

## Acceptance criteria
1. Smoke test for yast2 dump module is enabled on s390x at least for SLE 15 SP2

## Suggestions

**1 - Activate some DASD and/or ZFCP device:**
This can be done in various ways:
* During [installation](,
* Later by command line as in [bootloader]( (command: "dasd_configure 0.0.200 1". That disk should be free is is "dumpable".)
* By putting this test module after the ones for dasd and/or zfcp, which also allow to enable disks.
See also: the SUT for ZFCP, [s390x-zfcp](

**2 - Start yast2 dump, initialize some disk for dumping.**
Don't forget to signal as soft-failure if an incompatible disk is shown here.

**3 - check if disk is marked as dump disk**, either in the module itself or with mkdump --list-dump

About dump devices :
ZFCP and multipath tutorial (very good):