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Updated by riafarov about 3 years ago

Now it's possible to manage partitions within a software MD RAID. As part of the change, the interface for managing RAIDs and the distribution of some buttons has changed slightly.

- In the table of the section "RAIDs" the set of buttons at the bottom change based on the selected row
- After creating a new RAID, it does not automatically start the workflow to "edit" it (format and so on)
- When clicking on a RAID, it jumps to its new view with tabs "Overview", "Used Devices" and "Partitions"
- The buttons for creating a new partition table and for cloning it to another device has been relocated/renamed

For more details see:

- (and the linked epic card)

More changes in the locations of the buttons are expected soon. See the discussion at

## Acceptance criteria
1. Draft test plan for the feature is created
2. Follow-up ticket for automation is created if makes sense

## Suggestions
1. Plain partitions on raid 0,1,10,5,6 (btrfs for /, swap, separate /boot, /home
2. lvm on top of raid for different raid levels
3. encrypted partitions on top of raid
4. encrypted lvm on top of raid
5. cloning partitions using expert partitioner
6. creating 1-4 in the installed system
7. system cloning with 1-4
8. autoyast installation with 1-4