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## User stories 
 [[Wiki#User-story-1|US1]], [[Wiki#User-story-3|US3]], [[Wiki#User-story-5|US5]] 

 ## acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** A *label* can be *made visible* to every test bubble in the build overview page 
 * **AC2:** If at least all failed tests are labeled, a *badge* is displayed on the job group overview page 

 ## tasks 
 * Add an optional simple one-letter link/badge/label to build overview for every test 
 * Add the label based on data in the test itself, e.g. comment present 
 * optional: Add description field to test, also see 
 * Add label based on description 
 * Add badge to build on group overview page based on labels in the build overview 

 ask okurz for further details 

 ## further details 
 * *label*: symbol/text that can be set by a user 
 * *can be made visible*: By any mean, e.g. writing a comment, clicking a button, filling a text field, using a CLI tool 
 * *badge*: should be a symbol showing that a review has been completed on a build, e.g. a star or similar 

 Regarding **AC2** it might be hard to label all failing tests in a build as many of them might have a common cause and it would be tedious to select every failing test if we know the reason is the same. It might help if a label or description is preserved for a build that is still failing like in 

 In discussions I mentioned there should be a "fail reason description" which is exactly what coolo mentioned here I propose we should have a test description field, e.g. a field just below the "Overall summary" which we can edit to describe the current state, add bug links, describe who is working on it, etc. (see for an example) 

 ask okurz for further details