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Currently There are several cases where we cannot switch to a [install shell]( when we are in an [installation](, however being able to switch to a console can be very useful.

In the we have completely wrong setup.
In case we want to collect the logs, logs are collected from the image of SLE 12 SP3 instead of SUT, which is wrong and dangerous.

Acceptance criteria
1. Logs can be collected from the SUT in case of MM VNC installation

Further details

**This is a change in os_autoinst. select_console is a function in**
The way to swith between consoles is:
select_console 'install-shell';
select_console 'installation';

Possible solutions:
We can enable ssh on the machine with installation and connect to it to collect logs.
Alternative would be to collect logs on the machine where installation is running.

In theory is should be possible to switch tty over VNC, but will be tricky in the VM to which we are already connected over VNC.