action #48035

Updated by riafarov about 5 years ago

## Motivation 
 Whenever we activate terminals we set PS1, ensure proper permissions, disable packagekit, etc. . This is ok when we do it once for the system however in case of xterm we do it every single time we open a new xterm. This wastes quite some time. 

 E.g. see the minute it took from till 

 We have this issue, as instead of performing these steps in the separate modules, we do it in x11_start_program instead of dedicated module x11_setup. 
 Other issue that if we execute both x11 tests and console tests, we will run steps multiple times. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 1. Setup steps are executed once in separate test module for x11 tests 

 ## Suggestions 
 1. We can use the flag to indicate that setup steps were executed 
 2. We still have an issue that we don't share state of the job which has created the job, we might consider getting this feature first 
 3. As this code is used everywhere, we should limit scope of our change, aiming yast2_gui test suite at first place.