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## User stories
[[Wiki#User-story-1|US1]], [[Wiki#User-story-3|US3]], [[Wiki#User-story-5|US5]] [[wiki#User-stories|user stories]] 1, 3 and 5

## acceptance criteria
* A *label* *can be made visible* to failed test bubble in the build overview page
* If at least all failed tests are labeled, a *badge* is displayed on the job group overview page

## tasks
ask okurz for further details

## further details
* *label*: symbol/text that can be set by a user
* *can be made visible*: By any mean, e.g. writing a comment, clicking a button, filling a text field, using a CLI tool
* *badge*: should be a symbol showing that a review has been completed on a build, e.g. a star or similar

ask okurz for further details