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Updated by riafarov over 4 years ago

## Motivation 
 We run clone for all autoyast installations, but only for single scenario with installed system. shows that we can eliminate risks of getting this part broken and extend coverage with low development efforts. 

 Ideally we should validate relevant sections of the profile to match our expectations and not only catch cases when it crashes. 
 Once we have profiles we should consider extending AY coverage using those. 

 We need to identify list of scenarios where to enable test module and activate it. 

 Another example: 

 Some ideas: 
 1) lvm + RAID1 
 2) lvm + encryption 
 3) encryption without lvm (storgae-ng only) 
 4) zVM + DASD 
 5) zVM + ZFCP 
 6) baremetal (e.g. ipmi)