action #48392

Updated by riafarov over 5 years ago

## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** research travis CI tests on the ways how PRs fail if new test modules are introduced to prevent breaking staging tests using automated checks unintentionally 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Add a fitting openSUSE staging test vars.json to the repo for test purposes (could be copied from existing ones and stripped down to bare minimum what is needed or newly created) 
 * Add a call with `isotovideo _exit_after_schedule=1` to only evaluate the schedule and compare against a reference 
 * Add instructions to update the reference file whenever a change to the staging tests is actually intended 

 ## Further details 

 It might sound counter-intuitive to use a blacklist for excluding test modules from staging tests (`loadtest "…" unless is_staging;`) and then define a whitelist for the test to check against but it might be a start towards #15132