action #45938

Updated by RBrownSUSE over 4 years ago

Since 09th Jan the disk_boot test on Kubic is failing, but only during it's textmode scenario

This test should be rebooting the SUT, but that reboot does not appear to occur

Other Kubic scenarios that call the disk_boot test but do not use Textmode are ok

The product has been confirmed manually that it boots perfectly fine, even when using textmode during the installation.

This is strongly suspected to be an openQA issue because tests with earlier TW builds that passed before 0109 (eg ) now fail when run after the deploy that occurred on 0109 (eg

I honestly have NO idea how the deploy can cause this symptoms, but in the absence of any recent commit that affects the use codepath ( I think the changes introduced in the deploy to o3 are the most likely cause.