action #34732

Updated by riafarov about 3 years ago

## Motivation
We have moved forward in
Now we sync oss, oss-debug and non-oss repos where available. And use them in the tests.

We have identified 2 scenarios, where it doesn't work that well. One is zypper_info, which we now schedule in console tests instead of extra tests and run before replace the repos, so it uses official source repos.

Second issue if with update repos, as we remove them, it breaks scenarios which touch packagekit. As of now it's mainly yast control center, where we get an error about missing update repos. Other scenarios are excluded as have different flow (e.g. url is given in the installer, etc.).

We assume that simple filtering will work when syncing. So we need to reevaluate if that is not the case.

## Suggestions
To solve zypper_info, we need a feature in to sync only defined packages from the repo to save space.
For update repos, we actually though not to remove them when cleaning official repos.

## Acceptance criteria
1. Mirrored repos are used when using packages from source oss repo
2. zypper_info tets suite works with partly synced repo Update repos are not removed by default, except scenarios where we need to clean the all (see need_clear_repos, in those scenarios we need to remove all)