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Updated by riafarov over 3 years ago

In the partitioner is possible to create an LVM VG on top of partitions and disks (without partition table) alike. I'm not sure if we have a test-case using that functionality or if all our tests define the LVM always based on partitions.

If we don't have it, it would be nice to add it.

## Acceptance criteria
1. Functionality is tested manually using TW, Leap 15.1, SLE 15 SP1 which contain changes
2. New test which creates lvm on a disk instead of dedicated LVM partition is created
3. Automated test performs installation and relevant check only
4. Stability of the test is assured before enabling on production
5. Automated test is enabled for SLE 15 SP1 and TW at least

## Suggestions
Things to test and not limited to:
1. plain lvm with btrfs
2. plain lvm with ext4
3. volume group on multiple partitons
4. volume group on multiple disks
5. 1-4 with encrypted lvm (for VG)
6. 1-4 with encrypted lvm and encrypted partitions in VG
7. VG with a disk and lvm partition
8. Activation of the disk partitions by installer when having a disk with installations from 1-7
9. At least perform one autoyast re-installation (install -> clone system -> install using created profile), use testing strategies here not to repeat this step for 1-8