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Updated by riafarov over 3 years ago

In the partitioner is possible to create an LVM VG on top of partitions and disks (without partition table) alike. I'm not sure if we have a test-case using that functionality or if all our tests define the LVM always based on partitions.

If we don't have it, it would be nice to add it.

## Acceptance criteria
1. Functionality is tested manually using TW, Leap 15.1, SLE 15 SP1 which contain changes
2. New test which creates lvm on a disk instead of dedicated LVM partition is created
3. Automated test performs installation and relevant check only

## Suggestions
Things to test and not limited to:
1. plain lvm with btrfs
2. plain lvm with ext4
3. volume group on multiple partitons
4. volume group on multiple disks
5. 1-4 with encrypted lvm (for VG)
6. 1-4 with encrypted lvm and encrypted partitions in VG
7. VG with a disk and lvm partition
8. Activation of the disk partitions by installer when having a disk with installations from 1-7
9. At least perform one autoyast re-installation (install -> clone system -> install using created profile), use testing strategies here not to repeat this step for 1-8