action #39566

Updated by szarate almost 6 years ago

**As a** test developer  
 **I want to** roll back the test module that timed out during the needle check 
 **So that** I can edit and create new needles when there is a timeout/failure. 

 This basically means that openQA should be able to pick up a running job, that has snapshots enabled, and allow the test developer to create new needles, and ensure that the test can be restarted from the same test module (Snapshot rollback). 

 When possible, the communication should be between the webUI and os-autoinst, without taking the worker into account. 

 10:41:08          coolo | as in wait for failure, edit the needles, upload the needles to os-autoinst (again: if anyway possible, leave out the worker), rollback the test module, run again