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The systemd test suite is tested in QA using the test suite **suse_patches-systemd_testsuite**:
- Scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-suse_patches-systemd_testsuite@64bit: [osd#656311/modules/systemd_testsuite/steps/49](
## Observation

The problem happens when the package systemd-qa-testsuite is built separated from systemd itself (tblume, could you elaborate here the technical reason why this happens?)

This issue affects only Factory/Tumbleweed, which uses systemd version 237.
It doesn't happen on SLE15 nor Leap 15, that use systemd version 234.

To fix this issue we should build systemd-qa-testsuite
Sporadic fail in the same OBS package. systemd-qa-testsuite has a lot of patches which are not in a acceptable state to be accepted into Factory. The patches has to follow the guidelines ( and the guidelines of maintainers.

### Acceptance criteria

- **AC1:** systemd-qa-testsuite patches are acceptable for openSUSE Factory.
- **AC2:** systemd-qa-testsuite is accepted to be built as a sub package of OBS package [systemd](

scenario [opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-suse_patches-systemd_testsuite@64bit](


1. Ask @SLindoMansilla for the details;
2. Add the test suite as a sub package of systemd in OBS.


Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](