action #23758

Updated by ingogoeppert about 4 years ago

If we add a new group via invis-portal on an invis-server, the server automatically creates a working-directory for this group. Only the groupmembers can access and use it.

## First feature
It would be a nice addon, if we could select a directory-template from collection of templates, for creating the new workingdirectory for a new group.

invis-portal launches a shell-script called "creategroupshare". I added the possibility to use template-dirs to this script before. For using this feature it's only neccessary to give it the path to the templatedir as a position parameter:

creategroupshare /path/to/templatedir

To use this feature we have to add the template-dir selection to invis-portal. The selection should be a dropdown list.

## Second feature
It should be possible to create groups without a share/directory. <del>We will add a checkbox to the group creation dialog to disable the share creation. Default is enabled.</del> We integrated this option in the dropdown list. The list contains "Leeres Verzeichnis" (default), "Kein Verzeichnis" and then the template directories, if there are any.

## Third feature
The template directory needs acls. We will create a group "diradmins" with sine2. Only members of this group should be able to create, delete or modify the template directories.