action #35758

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## Motivation
During retrospective we have identified an issue that boo#0 is used in o3 for some issues and we, as QSF don't see issues labeled with boo#0, which may hide some bugs and/or test issues.
Idea is to improve openqa_review script, which is executed as a cron job against o3 to identify those issues and review them.

Acceptance criteria
* AC1: boo#0 **AC1:** at least one issue from openqa-review is not reported as error in the log but handled appropriately in the report

## Suggestions
Adapt ttm in a way to do what openSUSE RMs need so that no one would use this bugref anymore.
If above not possible workaround in openqa_review
resolved by accepting the bugref as special [y]-team

## Further details Tasks
openSUSE RMs are using the invalid boo#0 bug reference to fool ttm which demands a * Pick any ticket reference for each failure.

Log error:
ERROR:openqa_review.openqa_review:Error retrieving details for bugref boo#0 ( 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'
from and work on it