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Updated by riafarov over 4 years ago

## Motivation
"No textdomain configured" warning is critical one and means that dialog cannot work properly. Even though it can get unnoticed, or led to behavior which is not that easy to link to root problem.
As a request from YaST team (namely lslezak), we want to check that there is no such a warning in the yast logs.

## Tasks
1. Understand how investigate_yast2_failure works in opensusbasetest and integrate these parts together
Introduce check after we conduct installation for all sle scenarios (ay, upgrades, migration, etc.) and fail test module with soft-failure if problem is detected (but don't fail the test suite, check that fatal flag is not set for test module)
3. 2. Introduce separate test suite which opens as many dialogs as feasible (no changes are required) to increase chances of finding such a problem and assert that warning is not in the yast logs (INSTALLONLY scenario)

## Acceptance criteria
1. "No textdomain configured" warnings are detected by openQA and are not hidden

## Further details
Keep in mind that there will be more checks like this, so we should think of scalable solution where we can easily add text and handle those scenarios