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## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** All questions mentioned in "Tasks" are answered

## Tasks

fcrozat, ast and me went over the current list of testsuites as we have them enables for the sles functional group. Out of that discussions we gathered the following questions and ideas. Please try to answer each one individually here, could be links to delegated tickets

* DONE: btrfs tests, some variants for s390, do we need them? -> yes, we need them all because they test important different machine variants. Most likely we could schedule these tests on "default_install" instead of "btrfs"
* DONE: +dud_sdk: @jpupava: add description to test_suite -> delegated to #23624
* <del>"extratest": "extratest": try to think of better name</del> -> Couldn't think of anything. At least we have a good test suite description. name
* DONE: rename "gnome" to "default" or "default-graphical" -> delegated to #33172
* DONE: add description for "gnome"
and also cover "gnome@ipmi" -> we have a scenario "gnome@ipmi" now
* DONE: check difference between "gnome" and "gnome+acpi" -> "gnome+acpi" is aarch64 specific forcing of acpi
* <del>add add testsuite for gnome+sdk+proxy_SCC_without_addons</del> did not understand why we would need to do that gnome+sdk+proxy_SCC_without_addons
* check "gpt" for non-ppc64le, why no scenario? -> I do not see a reason why not test it on other archs as well so I schedule in test development at least on x86_64
* DONE: why "minimal_x+uefi" and not just one? -> that is a aarch64 specific scenario which is not applicable to other architectures. Could not think of any better name
* DONE: can we remove the sle/sles12 prefix -> we did
* DONE: add description for "sles12sp2_autoyast_bug-872"
* DONE: "smb+xfs@s390x-zVM-vswitch-l2"
* DONE: "xen" test suite not needed because we have system roles covered? -> generally true. The difference is that in one case we rely on the defaults coming from the role, in the case of "xen" we use a "default" installation and check the xen pattern. Both are valid test cases and also they help for crosschecking, e.g. if just one of both fail then it could be about pattern selection, etc.

Please mark them off individually when DONE.