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[tools] [smelt] [python3.6] Replace all older text formatting with f-strings

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User story

The python linter now gives warnings against the use of the old .format() method of formatting strings, proposing the use of f-strings, as they are faster and more readable. This has caused the smelt pipelines to fail. Instead of removing the warning, it's a better idea to use f-strings where applicable.

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Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: All uses of the old formatting method that make sense to be replaced by f-strings are replaced
  • AC2: The SMELT pipelines pass without pylint failing due to consider-f-strings warning


  • see failing pipeline results for places to switch to f-strings (i.e.
  • replace .format() occurrences with f-strings, consider the best way to accurately do so so that the behaviour doesn't change

Further details

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