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Filter actual test results on /tests or /tests/overview by regex match in modules

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#96058 added a feature to only show test scenarios which include modules that match a regex. Now we want to extend (or change) this to only show test results where "module_re" matches "failed" results: As a squad member with responsibility areas defined by a field Maintainer: in a test module I would like to filter by a search term searching the test modules on /tests or /tests/overview to only see scenarios which fail in modules that list my team as maintainer

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: /tests or /tests/overview can be configured to show only test results matching a specified regex search term in test module source code


  • Understand how #96058 looks up test module matches and change or extend that to link to actually failed module results

Out of scope

  • Support for non-git test distributions
  • Support for multiple test distributions, just rely on "distri" being specified for now

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Copied from openQA Project - action #96058: [spike] Filter test results on /tests or /tests/overview by regex match in modules size:MResolvedosukup2021-07-22

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  • Copied from action #96058: [spike] Filter test results on /tests or /tests/overview by regex match in modules size:M added
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during weekly estimation the team helped me to understand where I failed to understand filter options. A simple improvement can be to clarify that "Result" and "State" in the test overview filter box applies to the job, not the modules.

So for example links like*okurz&modules_result=failed&version=Tumbleweed&build=20210921&groupid=1&todo=1# seem to work just fine. to improve just the label.

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PR merged. I think for something as trivial as a better explanation string we don't need verification in production. As all the ACs are already fulfilled in before and I just did not understand it correctly we can also resolve the ticket easily.

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