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Enable switching to the qemu serial0 line

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I am writing a test for an appliance that launches an installer after confirmation (send enter) over the serial line. This can be achieved rather easily in virt-manager by switching the default console from "graphical spice console" to "serial 1" and pressing enter there. Unfortunately, I cannot achieve the same in openQA. It records the output from the serial line into /var/lib/openqa/pool/$worker_id/serial0, but I am not able to switch to this serial line or send something to it.

Is this somehow possible or generally unsupported?

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: The primary serial console in a qemu SUT can be written to from openQA tests


Right now we hardcode "serial0" as the first and only device that is setup as a serial terminal for a qemu instance. This device is used by writing command outputs to a logfile by forwarding script output to the variable "$SERIALDEV", e.g. ttyS0 in GNU/Linux in script commands like assert_script_run 'true' that end up being executed in SUTs like true ; echo ...$? > /dev/ttyS0. The logfile is then read by commands like wait_serial. Maybe we can make the name of the device+logfile configurable and add an option to configure a serial device before that internal logging device


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sorry I could not offer more so far.

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