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SUSE QE Tools process proposal: Go further on regression fixing

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Recently we have caused some regressions in production. Always we were quick to handle but still users were affected.
Whenever we encounter a regression we already try to find at least a second improvement, see .
Inspired by I think we can benefit from going further.


Fix the bug, fix the design, fix the process, explore further


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During SUSE QE Tools estimation session we agreed that it's "workable" and I can take it. There were no clear objections as such but general support for the idea. I plan to propose checklist entries in our "concrete bugs" tickets and/or our "Definition of Done"

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In I did

  • reference in "How we work on our backlog" where we already had an entry for regression handling
  • extend the Definition of Done to include "For regressions: A regression fix is provided, flaws in the design, monitoring, process have been considered"

In I extended with the suggestions for the defect template:

* <Fix the actual problem>
* <Consider fixing the design>
* <Consider fixing the team's process>
* <Consider to explore further>

asking the team if they are ok with that

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Seems good to me.

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me too

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With the received feedback we confirmed that the proposal was seen by at least a part of the team. Calling ticket "Resolved".

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