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[teregen] Update TeReGen for deployment on qam2

Added by jbaier_cz 3 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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#1 Updated by jbaier_cz 2 months ago

  • Subject changed from Update TeReGen for deployment on qam2 to [teregen] Update TeReGen for deployment on qam2
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  • Target version changed from future to Ready
  • Start date changed from 2021-03-22 to 2021-04-09

New template generator features requires PSQL to be present. A convenient one is already deployed inside a container environment on qam2. As old qam server should no longer be used, it is probably a good time to finally migrate template generator to new machine. So far, following items needs to be reviewed, evaluated and dealt with:

  1. Connection to SVN service (test template storage)
  2. Cron configuration (time based runs)
  3. Companion scripts (wrappers and mail reminders from qam-script folder)

#2 Updated by jbaier_cz 2 months ago

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Initial evaluation
  1. SVN repository is already accessible on both machine via NFS mount

  2. A few cron entries with scripts from the repository exist:

    • /srv/svn/checkouts/testreports 2>> /srv/svn/logs/generator.errors >> /srv/svn/logs/generator.out

    The first one is relevant to this issue and needs to be changed.

  3. From all scripts inside the repository, only interacts directly with the template generator (invoking it), the rest is just interacting with the SVN repository. The script was simplified once (during the last template generator major update) and could be simplified more. It is also possible to integrate it inside the template generator wrapper itself.
    The functionality includes:

    • making sure only one instance is running via PID file
    • retrieving RRs via osc --apiurl review list
    • checking log file existence
    • generating log file via invoking /usr/bin/qam_template (template generator wrapper)
    • adding the newly generated directory into svn via svn add

#3 Updated by openqa_review 2 months ago

  • Due date set to 2021-04-27

Setting due date based on mean cycle time of SUSE QE Tools

#4 Updated by jbaier_cz about 2 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Feedback

#5 Updated by jbaier_cz about 2 months ago

  • Due date changed from 2021-04-27 to 2021-05-03

I found a few regressions (mainly in svn access parts). All should be fixed and the new version is reenabled. Let's wait and see if any issue resurfaces.

#6 Updated by jbaier_cz about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

#7 Updated by okurz about 1 month ago

  • Due date deleted (2021-05-03)

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