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Hello! I have been wondering for a few days if we could have a
repository called something like Mobile:Unstable, which would be a
repository meant to have all apps targeting convergence or mobile user
interfaces. Unlike devel:ARM:Factory:Contrib:PinePhone, this one would
be meant to have all apps/shells and things that are not specific to
the PinePhone.

This would allow users to have the newest apps without compromising the
base components themselves, hence, enabling fine-tuning of the user
experience. If this is possible, the purpose of the repository would
also be to have apps that are not in Factory or repos not building for
aarch64 - my goal is to build for Tumbleweed aarch64 and x86_64, nothing
else. First thing I'd do is push everything from to
that repo and the move things out of the devel repo that should not
belong there. Ideally, this would be done one package at time to verify
the specfiles (I also have to improve some things for my packages,
particularly Corrosion).

Many of those packages can pushed to KDE:Extra/KDE:Applications, but
notice that they do not build for aarch64; plus, we would also add
apps designed with Phosh/GTK in mind to the repo (for example, Giara).

An important detail: most of the packages would be using _service files
as to alleviate the need to maintain the packages. I still doubt if we
would use master branches (trylocal) stable in tarballs
(trylocal-service to fetch newest tag || disabled, ran by a script in
one of the maintainer computers with good internet).


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