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overdrive2.arch wants to be accepted with salt key on osd, what to do with this machine?

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on osd salt-key -L shows overdrive2.arch wants to be accepted.
I can login to that machine with my ssh key so apparently it was salt-controlled some time ago.

On that machine I can see that some persons have logged in over the year but not too many. says the machine is "used by openqa", not sure though what the purpose is in particular. Seems like the reservation has no expiration.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Machine is properly used as part of OSD infrastructure or given back to the orthos pool


Ask multiple persons, e.g. on mailing list what this machine is intended for


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mawerner helped to coordinate. Apparently that machine was used by Calen's team at some time but not needed anymore. I will try to cancel the permanent reservation.

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Wrote an email following the button "Report Problem" on

Machine name :
Machine domain : ARM
Machine comment : Please ask dmuelle or agraf
Orthos username : okurz
E-Mail address :

The machine was used for "openQA development" but since a long time it seems to be unused. Please cancel the reservation and take the machine back into the orthos pool.

Our internal ticket reference:

Have fun,
Oliver for the SUSE QE tools team

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was done by aeisner

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