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Upgrade IO firmware for powerqaworker-qam-1

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To resolve [RT-PPC #179273] we got asked to upgrade the IO firmware. Since this machine is in OPAL mode a upgrade should be fairly simple.
I already downloaded the right file from IBM's fix central and deployed it on the machine:

powerqaworker-qam-1:~ # ls -l /lib/firmware/pci.1014034A.51.19512b00
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3827056 Nov 12 22:18 /lib/firmware/pci.1014034A.51.19512b00

Which leaves us with step 5.2 from

1) Stop all applications.
2) Type "iprconfig" and press "Enter".
3) Select "Download Microcode" and press "Enter".
4) Select all of the SAS Adapters/Controllers that need to be updated from the list of devices by pressing "1". Then press "Enter".
5) Select the appropriate microcode image to flash by pressing "1".  (The image will end in 19512b00).  Press Enter.  Press Enter again to confirm.
6) If multiple devices were selected in step 4, then repeat step 5 until finished. 

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ok, I'll try that:

In a root ssh session within screen I did:

systemctl stop salt-minion telegraf openqa-worker-cacheservice

there was no immediate menu entry for "Download" but first "Work with microcode updates". I selected all devices (not knowing any better) but only for a single one I could select the firmware file you mentioned. It was already showing up, I just pressed "1" again to select there. This triggered:

Adapter to download: IBM      57DC001SISIOA
Adapter Location: 0001:04:00.0.0/
The current microcode for this device is: 17518000

Select the microcode image to download

Type choice, press Enter.
  1=download microcode

OPT  Version         Date     Image File
---  --------------- -------- --------------------------
 1   19512B00        11/12/20 /lib/firmware/pci.1014034A.51.19512b00

A timer was running for the "elapsed time" for about 2 minutes which then finished. I assume successfully, at least I have not seen an error. I exited the menu and triggered a reboot.

Why the … can I not access ? So
@nicksinger you have to tell that I did that.


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