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Order 2 VMs for the LinuxONE Community Cloud

Added by AdaLovelace over 3 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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We want to have running tests for openSUSE on latest s390x hardware.
A order for 2 vms in the LinuxONE Community Cloud should be done.

One VM requires:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB (DASD or FCP)
Actions #1

Updated by AdaLovelace over 3 years ago

I have asked my Manager.
The order is ongoing and openSUSE is registered for tests in the LinuxONE Community Cloud.

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Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

  • Project changed from openQA Project to openQA Infrastructure
  • Target version set to future

sounds great. I am just moving this ticket to the subproject "openQA Infrastructure" which we use for both the o3 ( as well as osd ( infrastructure. The main project "openQA Project" is about the software only.

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Updated by AdaLovelace over 3 years ago

I will receive access to create our workers in the LinuxONE Community Cloud in the next weeks.

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Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

AdaLovelace, what was the result of this?

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Updated by AdaLovelace 7 months ago

I have got 7 VMs for openSUSE in the LinuxONE OSS Comunity Cloud. We are only 3 people using them at the moment. Therefore, I can create 2 VMs for openQA now.
The difficult case is, that you have to upgrade SLES to openSUSE there (only RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu are officially supported by IBM) and the Maintainers of the L1OSSCC provide only an Open Stack setup (no from scratch for Tumbleweed on a daily basis).

I have got the following idea:

  • Setup 2 VMs for openQA and running qemu/kvm within it (base VMs are based on z/VM)
  • Using an openSUSE ssh key for access

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