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[sle][Migration][SLE15SP4] Using gitlab to control yaml file

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Enhancement to existing tests
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We need store migration yaml file to gitlab, then we can using gitlab to update yaml file.
Also we need change name from SLES_15_SP2 to sles_15_sp2

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Related to openQA Tests - action #98132: [sle][migration][SLE15SP4] Implement the project to use gitlab to control yaml fileResolved2021-09-06


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CI jobs can run for master branch. But first I recommend you try it out in a personal fork and enable travis CI for your fork. If you are happy with the changes then you can create a pull request with the according changes in .travis.yml and we can enable the according travis CI cron jobs within the main repo. I recommend you start the documentation from . It's really good and probably way better in answering questions than I would be able to. For sensitive data like API key and secrets probably should help. Keep in mind that travis CI as a public service can be helpful for anything on An alternative are "Github Actions". For SUSE-internal triggers I recommend the gitlab CI using our internal instance . Many teams use that already in conjunction with openQA, e.g. to maintain the job templates. travis.yml is only used for travis CI. For gitlab CI you need a file .gitlab-ci.yml , so similar but different 🙂 A good example is probably from QSF-y how they load their job templates YAML documents using gitlab CI . shows how they set openQA client parameters based on variables. These variables are defined within the gitlab project.

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following gitlab CI already setup, but currently not used since yaml file for 15sp3 still unstable now. Once yaml file is stable enough, we will start kick out this

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Current status:
Gitlab setup is build but we are not using it since stability of our yaml file(Lot of update happen on our yaml file during project)
For 15sp4, once the yaml file is become stable, we will start trigger this action.

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  • Related to action #98132: [sle][migration][SLE15SP4] Implement the project to use gitlab to control yaml file added

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Closed this ticket and open a new ticket poo#98132 to track the later job to implement this project.

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