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maintain both openSUSE and Fedora spec files upstream together?

Added by okurz 9 months ago.

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[25/07/2020 08:30:41] <okurz> adamw: do you think it's possible to use the same os-autoinst spec file for both openSUSE and Fedora? As you would tell us about problems anyway we could also subscribe to Fedora build results directly as well
[25/07/2020 08:31:10] <adamw> well
[25/07/2020 08:31:20] <adamw> we can't use literally *the same* file, as in, the one from the github repo
[25/07/2020 08:31:30] <adamw> fedora specs have to be in dist-git
[25/07/2020 08:32:06] <adamw> some packagers strongly associated with upstream projects try to maintain the spec file in an upstream repo and keep overwriting whatever's in dist-git every time they build, i don't like doing that
[25/07/2020 08:33:06] <adamw> we can try and keep the delta small, though. os-autoinst isn't too far off already, i don't think, as it's not that complex. openqa is more so
[25/07/2020 08:33:07] <okurz> hm, ok. Is there a concept of creating something like a pull request to the dist-git official package and then you can review the changes that would come from upstream?
[25/07/2020 08:33:27] <okurz> yeah, I just think it could be an interesting experiment for me as well :)
[25/07/2020 08:33:35] <adamw> yesss...but you'd be doing a lot of rediffing because the spec in dist-git has real revision number and changelog
[25/07/2020 08:33:43] <adamw> well, if you don't touch those bits, i guess...
[25/07/2020 08:33:55] <adamw>
[25/07/2020 08:34:08] <adamw> it's a pagure instance, works mostly like github, you can follow a github-y workflow to submit prs
[25/07/2020 08:35:51] <okurz> I think I will create a ticket in and let everyone interested first read the current status in pagure and think about it

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