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coordination #102906: [saga][epic] Increased stability of tests with less "known failures", known incompletes handled automatically within openQA

coordination #102912: [epic] Simplify investigation of job failures - 2nd

[gsoc] dynamic detection of error conditions from test results

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User Story

As a reviewer of failed openQA tests I want known failures of jobs regardless of the error source to be marked as such automatically to not waste time on investigating known failures

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: If a job fails for any reason that is "known" already in the context of the current openQA instance, e.g. same failure in other jobs, the information is provided in the test details


  • Use data available in the database to find "failure reasons"
  • Apply innovative algorithms to learn about new failure reasons automatically, e.g. "fuzzy search", "machine learning", "artificial intelligence"
  • Provide the gathered information to the user, e.g. in the UI for job details to reference other jobs with similar failure reasons or within a build of a product

Further details

See parent ticket #39719 as well.

See for an example. This jenkins plugin uses a "knowledge base" with jenkins instance global "known failures" defined with description and pattern matching, e.g. on "build log parsing", to mark failures as known when any log content matches existing patterns

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