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Domain names are restricted to two parts

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Domain names in invis-server are restricted to exactly two components, for example "ad.loc".

The samba wiki suggests the use a subdomain of a public domain name for active directory. This will result in name like "" for the domain resp. "" for the server, where "" is the public domain name.

This is not possible with invis-server. Sometimes the full name will be used, sometimes "ad.mysite" is used instead. For example, LDAP will use dc=ad,dc=mysite. With this some components of invis server do not work. Using the portal results in invalid LDAP credentials and other anomalies I have (e. g. dhcpd doesn't run), may be a consequence of this restriction, too.

A short term solution may be to check the domain name during setup, so that it contains exactly one ".". A long term solution will be to drop the restriction alltogether.


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Absolutly your point.

We know about this invis-Server restriction and should work on this. I will have a look at it after my vacation.

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