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Change favicon of test details page based on test result

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User Story

As a test reviewer or test developer I would like to see from the favicon in a browser tab the status of a job to be able to not waste time by switching to the tab to check the test result

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: the test details favicon reflects the state/status of the test, e.g. scheduled, running, passed, failed

Further details

Inspired what travis CI or github has, see

okurz: I personally favor the approach from github because we would not have a problem with the already green openQA default icon and it does not rely on being able to distinguish colors, i.e. also works for color impaired people.

Screenshot_20190206_154114.png (3.76 KB) okurz, 06/02/2019 02:44 pm



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deployed on o3. Looks all good.

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