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Make developer mode client aware of os-autoinst version

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This would help identifying issues regarding the developer mode more easily where actually just the os-autoinst and web UI versions are out-of-sync. And since we now have auto-deployment on O3 workers, we should at least be able to see immediately why it is broken.


  1. Increase the os-autoinst version ($OpenQA::Isotovideo::Interface::version) also when making changes in the developer mode protocol.
  2. Emit os-autoinst version via the web socket server.
  3. Add the version check for it in client code. The web UI should print an error message like "developer mode not available, worker too old/new".

further ideas/discussion

  1. It would also make sense to distinguish major versions (must match exactly) and minor versions (must be equal or newer) because often we can just add new features without breaking the way existing ones work but sometimes backward compatibility is not possible or worth the effort.
  2. The os-autoinst version currently applies to test API changes and to the command server interface. The command server interface affects the web UI whereas the test API interface affects the test code. So maybe it makes sense to have a different versioning for the test API.


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(Implemented as its own distinct "developer-mode-only" version number with major and minor version part.)

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PR has been merged, seems to work on o3

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