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Servers hosted in NBG
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Dear Admin team

As part of openSUSE 13.2, gnome-software, a Software Center, based on
and around AppStream, will be debuted as a strong component, taking the
'regular' user away from managing packages, but rather manage

For openSUSE 13.2, most of the things are in place (albeit the metadata
generated inside OBS is not as good quality as aimed, this will be
worked around in other means).

One missing piece, though, is a hosting place to put the screenshots
that are being extracted by the appstream-builder (the content comes out
of appdata.xml files packaged with software, generally shipped by
upstream, where a reference screenshot is marked).

In a fair-use agreement, appstream-builder 'replaces' those links to
screenshots with a specific URI (configurable), so that distributions
are responsible to serve their customers on their own

A full test run over openSUSE-13.2 FTP tree created about 80MB worth of
screenshots, which we would now need to make accessible to the users,
preferably on a system/URL part of (
came to mind,a s we're only serving images)

Can you please help to setup an area where we can upload the pictures to
(as openSUSE:13.2 is frozen this metadata is a one-off upload).

I envision something like: where we will publish
the screenshot directory as currently found in ~lnussel/Export/appstream

Once this is published, we can update the references in the xml file as
read by gnome-software.

Thanks a lot!

PS: openSUSE is amongst the first ones to have this offered, closely
followed by Fedora. OBS is already prepared to create the metadata
dynamic on package build; not in time for 13.2 though and still some
work to be done in this area....



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we have the space and the first batch of screenshots is deployed, but we still need a way for dimstar to deploy them.

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not needed right now. will be reopened once we have a better appstream infrastructure.

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