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uyuni-announce mailing list should be moderated (restricted to allow mail only from selected people)

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I saw we received this today:

However this is list was requested as moderated at https://

"It will be moderated as it will be only for announcements. In the following
weeks we will decide how to handle the community communications, and will use
the list to share the details with everyone."

Could you change it to moderated/restriced/whatever-mlmmj-name-is so only
moderators can send email directly while other people is queued for approval?

According to the ticket, the configured moderators are:

moderators =,,,


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That is weird - the correct control files are present:

-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody root 74 May 22 14:15 moderators
-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody root 0 May 22 14:14 modonlypost

cat moderators:

I have changed the ownership of the control file, I'll have to do a test.

#2 Updated by pjessen almost 2 years ago

Well, I don't know how to interpret this.

According to mlmmj documentation: "The action "allow" will pass the mail on to the next step in processing. The
mail may still be held for moderation, if it would have been so without access rules.".

Sounds good, but my test-mail was passed by "allow" and not stopped by the modonlypost control file. I'll have to check how other announcement-only lists do this.

#3 Updated by pjessen almost 2 years ago

Okay, I have added control file 'moderated' and tested it. My post was now withheld and the moderators notified.
I'll send one more, from a moderator address, I expect that to go through.

#4 Updated by juliogonzalezgil almost 2 years ago

pjessen, it seems the email from the moderator did not go trough:

Please moderate testing 4-5-6

Date:   2/11/18 8:38
Hi, this is the Mlmmj program managing the <>
mailing list.
A message from <> with subject "testing 4-5-6" has been
submitted for posting. You are being asked to moderate because this is a
moderated list. The message is below.

#5 Updated by pjessen over 1 year ago

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It appears the mailing list manager is buggy, 'modonlypost' does not work.
I have added the four moderator addresses to the access file.

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