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On the release day, most work is already done. We usually switch the wiki pages to the new release and prepare the portal page the day before, also the mirrors should be synced and the release is often available (secretly) before. Articles are written, mails prepared. Our only 'work' is to have the hangout and send out those mails as well as the social media messages!

The timeline of the day goes a bit like this:
Morning, around 9:00 UTC (T-3) we open a hangout and send out the first of our social media messages
We keep sending out social media messages once an hour or so, until the release.

On T-0 we send out:

  • the press announcement email for opensuse-announce (and let it through moderation!)
  • the project announcement mail
  • the release social media messages

The announcement on news.o.o was scheduled and shouldn't need manual intervention!

In the hours after the release, we send out our social media messages and drink some beer ;-)

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