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We should think about the integration of kopanos libre-office online Version

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Sharing Documents is an essential part of modern working....

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We should use Collabora or OnlyOffice. Both Programs are (as far as I know) integratable in Kopano and ownCloud

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Updated by flacco over 4 years ago

Correction: It is possible to integrate OnlyOffice and Collabora(?) into ownCloud. Kopano is working on "Kopano Documents" which is not a highly prioritized project. It starts as a libre-office implementation in Kopano. Andreas R. told me that now kopano is in discussion with OnlyOffice.

OnlyOffice is on the way to a fully Open-Source Project. OnlyOffice supports the Microsoft documenttypes better than libre-office or libre-office based collabora-online.

For now the only way to implement online document editing in invis-server ist to use the ownCloud implementations of Collabora or OnlyOffice. In future we should switch to Kopano-Documents. This is caused by the ownCloud "relaunch" with ownCloud "Phoenix". owncloud gets a completely new Webinterface. This will be separated from the Cloud-Backend. Thy will focus to their main competence of File-storing and -sharing. As far as I now integration of collaboration features lice calendar, document-editing and so on gets out of focus...

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OnlyOffice gibt es jetzt für kleine Unternehmen bis zu 5 Mitarbeiter kostenlos:

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