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coordination #39719: [saga][epic] Detection of "known failures" for stable tests, easy test results review and easy tracking of known issues

Show more test failure details with the "test failed" text thumbnail popups

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Currently when a test fails only a short one-line "Test died … in file …" is shown in a text thumbnail popup within the test details page on the failing test step. It would be convenient if more specific, potentially failure-related content is shown, e.g. the last 30 lines of a test module specific logfile. This saves the user from "find failing test step, scroll to top of page, go to 'Logs & Assets' tab, search for the corresponding logfile, click on the logfile, download it to a local file, optionally extract, open the downloaded log in a local editor, scroll to the end" which can be simplified.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: More test failure related output than just one line is shown in the text thumbnail popups
  • AC2: Test module specific content is shown
  • AC3: If not more test module specific content is shown, e.g. no logfiles uploaded or only generic ones, show excerpt from autoinst-log.txt or more info on needle related failures


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merged. shows how it looks correctly in production. That covers AC3 mostly.

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