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obs_factory: a good design for the staging_projects dashboard

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The current implementation shows that is possible to show all the relevant information, but the current dashboard is quite messy. We need to DESIGN and implement a way that is really useful for staging managers both as an overview and as a detailed view (hiding and exposing the information on demand in a convenient way).

Of course, we need tests for it.

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Updated by ancorgs over 9 years ago

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New layout for the table, more informative and scalable. It still needs improvement, but should be way better than before.

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Updated by ancorgs over 9 years ago

Some things to improve from the current implementation:

  • More comprehensive information of openQA tests including test name and failing modules.
  • Merge obsolete request, building repositories and broken packages into a single column. We don't need 3 greens if things are alright.
  • Better display of superseded requests, with a link to the new request.
  • Show the "missing reviews" with some kind of flag next to the package name instead of a separate column.
  • It's useful to see the different reviewers. If there is one review missing by opensuse-review-team or two doesn't really matter on the overall page, but if there is also a repo checker review missing is important. We probably don't need to spell opensuse-review-team, but can have an icon for that group.
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We already have a good enough version thanks to Manuelle's input and Coolo's work. Closing.


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