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[sle][functional][sle15] Explicit test where we skip registration

Added by okurz over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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So far for SLE 12 we used no registration by default and only in explicit scenarios we enabled registration, e.g. "gnome+proxy_SCC".


New explicit test suite "skip_registration" where we skip registration and test as an "evaluation copy".


#1 Updated by okurz over 4 years ago

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Added new test suite "skip_registration" which is overriding SCC_REGISTER= in the test suite. Added this test suite for the SLE Functional job group for machines aarch64, ppc64le, 64bit, s390-kvm, zvm-vswitch-l2, zvm-vswitch-l3, zvm-zfcp, zvm-ctc, zvm-hsi-l2, zvm-hsi-l3 as especially zVM has problems with the long SCC url. Might be a bit to much for the future so we can do less later. Also, triggered one job for SLE 15 Alpha 3 Candidate 1:

For now only "INSTALLONLY=1", later should be extended to do a full test run.

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openQA test in scenario sle-15-Installer-DVD-s390x-skip_registration@s390x-kvm fails in
trying to execute the cron jobs but these scripts are not available when no modules are available.

Expected result

Last good: Seems like we never reached that far in "skip_registration". I assume we should skip test module in case of "skip_registration".

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not considered for current sprint but "high" prio because we have a test issue now.

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need to check myself if we aren't done already

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commit b49b3311 (okurz/feature/new_system_roles)
Author: Oliver Kurz
Date: Wed Oct 18 11:52:30 2017 +0200

Dynamically adjust the schedule according to available system roles on SLE15

Depending on registration within the installation system roles can be
available or not. This commit sets the system role if not overridden depending
on registration during installation. As for 'minimal', e.g. as used in the
test suite "skip_registration", only a minor subset of packages are available
the test variable "INSTALLONLY" is implicitly set.

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