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Release Announcement

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Main task for everything around the release announcement:

  • Press announcement
  • Community announcement mail
  • Community announcement on news.o.o
  • Product highlights
  • Feature guide
  • Screenshots and finally, the press kit for the press which contains all of the above in addition to a link to the GM, quotes, reviewers guide, list of people who can be interviewed, and gets send to them a week before the release.


action #16914: Assemble the Product highlightsResolvedddemaio

action #16916: Get screenshots takenResolvedddemaio

action #16918: Write community announcement for news.o.oResolvedddemaio

action #16920: Write Press AnnouncementResolvedddemaio

action #16922: Create a draft press announcementResolvedddemaio

action #16924: Get feedback on the draft press announceResolvedddemaio

action #16926: Let our PR Agencies have one last look at the announcementResolvedddemaio

action #16928: Get quotes from important peopleResolvedddemaio

action #16930: Create a Press Kit and send it to the pressRejectedddemaio

action #16932: Create list of people who can be interviewedResolvedddemaio

action #16934: Write 'reviewers guide', the mail for the pressResolvedddemaio

action #16936: Assemble press kit.Resolvedddemaio

action #16938: send press kitResolvedddemaio

action #16940: Write the Feature GuideResolvedddemaio

action #16942: Move Major Features to feature guide pageResolvedddemaio

action #16944: Get features page finishedResolvedddemaio

action #16946: Get technical reviewResolvedddemaio

action #16948: Add features from distrowatchResolvedddemaio

action #16950: Gather info from major pieces of our release onto Major_features pageResolvedddemaio

action #16952: translate release announcementClosed

action #20802: send announcement to opensuse-announceResolvedddemaio

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