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Take the feature highlights and use them to compose a first draft press announcement.
Some tips:

  • Remember the 3x3! From those, pick the most important features to be mentioned. Again, First, Best, Only: something noteworthy.
  • The headline summarizes that we released our product ("openSUSE released 13.1"), the sub-title has the most important features that our awesome distro delivers. The following paragraph expands on those and leads to the details that follow.
  • Those not reading beyond the first paragraph must know the most important news! So, most important info there. Make sure to clearly answer the 5 W's & H in the first paragraph: Who is this about? What is the actual news? When does this happen? Where does this even take place? Why this is news? How is this happening?
  • Include details, numbers, facts and quotes.
  • 1 page is best, 2 pages absolute maximum.

Check our previous announcements for more details. 12.3 is here:

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Include PR Checklist for next release

Worksheet Questions

  1. What news are we announcing (be specific and complete – remember this is for an external audience)? Refresh of Linux Distribution continues leveraging Community, Enterprise benefits

openSUSE Leap 42.3 Gives Smooth Desktop and Server Upgrade

  1. Please outline and prioritize three clear, concise key messages* that either directly or indirectly answer these questions:

    Why is this announcement important to the media and their audiences?

    How does it offer users an advantage?

    What is the impact of this announcement on openSUSE, its users and the market?

#- Based on SLE 12 SP3
#- Smooth Upgrade
#- Leap for Servers
#- Reliable Desktops

*Note: These key messages should be low on technical detail and should stress benefits. These key messages should be power positions unique to openSUSE – important for openSUSE users and easy to defend against objections.

  1. What differentiates this relationship or technology from other distributions? Community distribution with enterprise base system, developed collaboratively

Larger and broader in scope than an enterprise distribution

The distribution gives the freedom to change packages and influence the development

System intergraters developing on Leap with the possiblity of getting it into SLE

  1. What is the market context? Explain the market size, objectives and opportunities for this technology or relationship.
    Start with the community distribution and migrate to SLE easily

  2. What are the key features and benefits of the product or service? If this is a “dot” release, what new features have been added to the product and what are their customer benefits?
    Leap’s newest minor version
    for the 42 series has more than 10,000 packages and offers stability-minded users a refresh and hardware enablement release. The release is powered by the same Linux 4.4 Long-Term-Support (LTS) kernel found in the previous minor Leap release, and KDE, GNOME, LXQt and Enlightenment users can be assured that the desktop selection is as stable as the kernel.

KDE’s Long-Term-Support release 5.8 remains the default desktop selection while Applications 17.04.2 enhances the user experience of commonly used KDE applications like Dolphin and KContacts. GNOME 3.20 and LXQt also remain the same as in the previous release. Only Enlightenment 0.21.8 was changed to provide Wayland fixes.

From today, users have six months to upgrade from Leap 42.2 to 42.3 to get the most out of the Leap distributions; users are advised to take advantage of the ease to upgrade now. (mention that it is mandatory to upgrade in order to stay save, but phrase it nicely)

  1. Please list any other critical points, schedules, opportunities or concerns associated with this announcement.
    The release of openSUSE Leap lays between both GNOME's GUADEC and KDE's Akademy
    A good metaphor for how openSUSE offers both.
    Akademy 2017-07-22/2017-07-27
    Guadec 2017-08-28/2017-08-30
    FrOSCon 2017-08-19+20

  2. Who are the stakeholders involved in the news release?
    GSWL, SUSE, Community, Partners, Project Managers, openSUSE Board, Release Engineering (lnussel)

  3. Who are the key public spokespeople for this announcement?
    Doug, Richard and the openSUSE board

  4. What other supporting images/materials can we provide, e.g., screen shots, infographics, slide decks, diagrams, etc.?
    No much actually :-(
    Ideas for a Press kit:
    Screenshots, Photos
    Press release
    Product highlights
    Full feature list
    List of people available for interviews

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