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The Feature Guide forms the base of our release marketing. It is a large list of the most important features in openSUSE 13.1 with screenshots and a good organisation. See

Find a how-to on writing them here:

We've learned some lessons during the 12.3 product highlights writing, take these into account:

  • do NOT try to be 'complete'. Going through ALL the changelogs of ALL packages with a script and then filtering out the interesting stuff (we did that, yes) is just way too much work.
  • Instead, focus on the most important packages, eg look at and pick from the packages there.
  • Kick the community to add their features to and use that as a major guide. It is the 'start' of the product highlights. ** for 13.1, Michal send scripted mails to packagers who did 'major stuff'. This seems to have worked quite well:
  • Get the KDE stuff from the KDE announcement, the GNOME stuff from the GNOME announcement, the kernel stuff from and the H kernel archives as soon as you know which versions we'll ship! Put them on the Major_features page so you're ready with that.
  • Kick the artwork team: they need to get the final art in in time so the screenshots can be made! It is a blocker, also for the press kit.


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