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more fun reviewing tests and therefore improving the quality of the tested products with gamification

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Motify more users to review more test results so that issues are catched early, the workload of existing reviewers is reduced, the quality of our tests improve.


  • Test reviewers are motivated to review (and label) unreviewed failures
  • Test reviewers keep motivation to label more

User epics

  • As a new user wanting to support openSUSE development but not knowing where to start I receive invitations for collaboration, e.g. IRC notification about unreviewed failures blocking a new openSUSE Tumbleweed release, so that I am motivated to review unreviewed failures
  • As a casual test reviewer that already labeled failures I get a notification about remaining unlabeled failures I need to label to get a certificate icon (e.g. "X more jobs to go for a grey star") to keep my motivation
  • As a test reviewer that labeled all fails I get a notification about remaining unlabeled softfails to reach black certificate to keep my motivation until the build is fully reviewed
  • As a test reviewer having finished one build review (black certificate) I get a notification how to go on (e.g. next unreviewed product) to keep my motivation to go on
  • high score leader board with score for users
  • Invites to previous contributors to join again with starting point
  • Simple and clean starting page for newbies with simple tasks to follow first to gain some experience
  • Encourage addition of new tests / review of "known failures" which now work
  • nethack like console version of a text adventure guiding through openQA :-)


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