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revamp the desktop selection screen

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The current desktop selection screen offers KDE, GNOME, Server and behind an 'Other' option Minimal X and XFCE. Net install also Enlightenment.

  • KDE, GNOME and Server are the recommended main options for the target audience.
  • MinimalX ends up at xdm which is the worst of all DMs to present a user probably
  • XFCE is unmaintained.
  • Enlightenment is there for legacy reasons, probably due to social engineering.

The screen needs to be redone to better explain the main options and list alternative desktop offerings in a fair way if the online repos are enabled.


[x] KDE Workstation
[ ] GNOME Workstation
[ ] Server (text mode)
[ ] Custom

Custom leads to the pattern selector screen (the one with the icons next to the pattern) in the next dialog. Displayed patterns are sorted alphabetically.


#1 Updated by okurz almost 5 years ago

proposal for changes with screenshots and videos of the workflow:

#2 Updated by dzedro almost 5 years ago

I will work on this, but can't update it.

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on the way to Factory

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lets mark it as done as it is already in tumble weed and rest is solving via bug reports.

#5 Updated by lnussel almost 5 years ago

We still need the required changes in Leap though ...

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in meanwhile but there are bugs tracked in bugzilla

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